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DART Reimagined Final Report

State of the System Report

As part of the DART Reimagined Transit Study, DART conducted a comprehensive State of the System review analyzing DART’s markets and services. Click below to view a summary of the State of the System as well as the full, final Report.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DART Reimagined Transit Study?

DART Reimagined was a year-long statewide transit study led by the Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC). The study evaluated the current DART First State transit system and studied how riders are currently using the system and where they need access now and into the future. The study identified opportunities to reconfigure the bus network and future service plan to provide a more sustainable and equitable statewide transit system.

Previous Studies

DART has previously conducted various studies examining the state of its system. Each study produced data that informed recommendations for short- and long-term planning initiatives.

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The State Smart Transportation Initiative (SSTI)

August 2013

SSTI audited Wilmington bus services and examined policy level recommendations and funding opportunities. This study resulted in:

  • The Wilmington Transit Center
  • Bus rapid transit funding opportunities
  • City-sponsored mobility tax

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Wilmington Transit Moving Forward

August 2014 – July 2016

The two-phase Wilmington Transit Moving Forward study set recommendations and priorities for Wilmington transit service in short- and long-terms. This study resulted in:

  • A comprehensive operations analysis
  • Recommendations for improvements in key locations and services

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Transit Redesign Implementation Plan

January 2015

The Transit Redesign Implementation Plan provided an outline of key issues and programs throughout the DTC system. This study resulted in recommendations for improvements to:

  • ADA-compliant bus stops
  • Pedestrian access
  • Fares & new services
  • Fixed routes
  • Infrastructure

DART First State

Delaware Department of Transportation

DART First State Title VI Compliance

DART First State ADA Compliance


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