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Delaware is a diverse state with varying transit needs. As the state continues to evolve, consistent and coordinated efforts to improve the transit system are necessary.

DART Reimagined was a year-long transit study focused on improving public transportation services across the state of Delaware and charting the course for a more sustainable transit future. The study analyzed the existing DART First State transit system and identified future opportunities for improvement.

DART Reimagined gathered data that reflected the current state of the system – ridership numbers, route usage, and access – and provided recommendations for system changes that accommodate rider needs. Through a comprehensive service review, the study identified rider needs and challenges and presented opportunities for service enhancements across the state of Delaware. Ultimately, DART Reimagined provided the framework to serve more riders based on where they live today and where they want to go in the future. 

Collaboration with riders, the public, municipalities, county governments, state agencies, and businesses played an integral part in the success of the DART Reimagined Transit Study. During the study, our team engaged customers and stakeholders through various in-person and virtual engagement opportunities, which included community workshops, a digital survey, and stakeholder interviews.

DART Reimagined was led by the Delaware Transit Corporation, within the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT).

The Final Report can be viewed by clicking here.

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Current Services

DART First State offers a statewide network of transportation options. The system provides various services:

For more on DART’s services, visit the DART First State website.


DART Reimagined was a year-long transit study. View the project schedule below.

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DART Reimagined Project Schedule